A Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons on a Shemitah year signal a change for the nations of the world.


"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."
Proverbs 1:7

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A Shemitah Year with four Blood Moons all on Jewish Feast Days may signal a special event from God.

Blood Moon Events
Read about Events that have occured during this tetrad of lunar eclipses.

Suggested Further Reading on this Subject:

Eye to Eye is a book which explores what has happened to America every time Washington politicians have tried to force Israel to give up its lands to the Palestinians.  Disaster quickly strikes!

The Islamic Anti-Christ compares the prophesies in the Bible to the prophesies in the Koran.  They are very similar yet the exact opposite!  Two major religions view Christ and the Anti-Christ in exact opposite ways.


John Hagee's book Four Blood Moons warns America of the Second coming and God's judgment during this time. This is available on Amazon

In Jonathan Cahn's book 'The Harbinger' he reveals physical objects at Ground Zero which mirror the same objects of judgment in Ancient Israel.   See the videos of Rabbi Cahn showing us the Harbinger objects in NYC.

Parallels between Ancient Israel and America Today
In the Old Testament God leads the enslaved sons of Israel out of Egypt returning them to the land of their forefathers, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for the people to live by.  As long as they followed God's laws, Israel was blessed and protected from their enemies.  Over a number of generations, the Israelites forgot the Covenant made with God and the people began to sin in God's eye.  The people began to worship the false God's of neighboring countries.  They began to sacrifice their babies to these Gods of stone and gold.  Lying, stealing and adultery became more prevalent in society.  People had unnatural sexual relations with men to men, women to women and humans to animals.  The rich took advantage of the poor and great injustices occurred.  The Israelites were becoming as evil as the people in the surrounding lands.  So God withdrew his protection from Israel and allowed their enemies to invade the land and conquered them.  Many Jews were slaughtered as the Babylonians ravaged city after city and the remainder became slaves to their conquerers.

Early America was largely settled by Christians who followed the laws of the Old Testament as the ancient Jews did.  God blessed America and it became a strong powerful nation.  It was a country where people were free to follow their dreams of owning their own businesses and to worship the Judo-Christian God of their ancestors.  The schools taught their children the lessons of good and evil from the Bible and the nation prospered.  Crime was relative low for many decades.  But gradually just as in ancient Israel, the people of America started to drift away from their faith and reliance on God.   Just like the ancient Israelites they started to worship foreign gods and they started killing their unborn babies.  Homosexuals demanded to be married so they could have unnatural sex, just like in ancient times.  The courts of the land made it legal and so God was displeased.  Promiscuity became common place, babies were born to unwed mothers and many children grew up in homes with only one parent.  The children were not taught right from wrong and  lying, stealing and murder became commonplace with a growing prison population. 

The Warning to America
God's first warning came on September 11, 2001, commonly known as "9-11."  God removed the protection from America and allowed its enemies to freely enter the country, and kill nearly 3000 people, destroy four commercial airplanes, the World Trade Center buildings and part of the Pentagon.  This attack was unprecedented in modern American history, striking at the heart of America's largest city and near the nations capitol.  
Following this attack President George W. Bush called the country to a day of prayer and for several weeks the country appeared to be turning back to God.  The Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Tom Dashal reads from U.S. House Chamber the following from the book of Isaiah chapter 9, verse 10. "The Bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars."  At the time many Americans thought this was a good thing, that the Congress was turning to God and the Bible; however, as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn points out, they did not know what they were reading.  By reading that one verse they were not turning to God but they were defying God!  The verse before gives the context of verse 10.  Verse 9... "Asserting in pride and in arrogance of heart:"  The Israelites were prideful telling God that even though they had been attacked, they did not need God's help, but they would rebuild and be stronger without God.  So because of their pride and arrogance, God raises up their enemies the Arameans and the Philistines and Israel is defeated! 

So Tom Dashal uses the exact same words to condemn America!  The acts of defiance continued with the rebuilding of the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero.  Just as Israel defiantly rebuilt, America has defiantly rebuilt at Ground Zero.  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says the new Freedom Tower acts as a symbol of defiance to God.

President Barrack Obama travels to the newly built Freedom Tower in NYC and writes the nearly same words from Isaiah on the top beam of the tower, thus once again in defiance of God.

We remember
We rebuild
We come back stronger!
A prideful statement after God's warning of 911.

The Walls of Protection have been removed

In the Old Testament, God allowed Israel's enemies to become strong and breakdown the walls of their cities and be conquered.  And now we see the enemies of America rising up against us.  Our enemies are free to enter the country through the Mexican border or even to fly into our airports at will.  The two large oceans and friendly borders no longer protect America. 
The Harbingers are God's warning to America that Judgment is coming if we keep going in the direction away from God.     

America to be divided in the final days
America is becoming a divided nation.  This is a religious divide.  On one side are the Christian's with traditional American values following the Constitution and God's laws of the Bible.  On the other side are the liberal secularist who want God banned from America.   They oppose school prayer, Christmas displays, and displaying the Ten Commandments  This anti-God group wants America to become a secular socialist country.  Their agenda is a radical departure from traditional Christian valves of faith in God.  They seek to destroy or severely limit religious freedoms in America.  

Why the Judgment?
America has not repented and we have not turned back to God.  At the National Democratic Convention of 2012, the insertion of the word "God" into the platform was met with anger and loudly booed!  It is written in the Bible, in the last days, "Evil will be called good, and good will be called evil."  We have become a prideful arrogant unrepentant nation.  So I fear we will be judged by the hand of God in the near future, just as God judged Israel 2500 years ago.   

The Tribulation Comes
Many Christians look forward to the return of Christ to save the world; however, as we enter into the Last Days a period of time called the Tribulation will occur.  This is a time when Satan's forces of evil will start to kill and behead Christians and Jews around the world.  Satan hates the followers of God and attempts to kill as many as he can.  Satan's leader on Earth is known as the anti-Christ and is the enemy of God.  Satan is also the father of lies and he will deceive many souls to follow his Godless plans to kill Christians and Jews and bring great suffering to all mankind. As we see world wide Jihad rising up, we are likely seeing the beginning of the Tribulation; the time of trouble.  Evil rejoices in this suffering! 

The Final Battle
It is quite possible this Jihad will lead to World War III and possibly end with the battle of 
Armageddon.  During this time it is possible that the Messiah will return to Earth to fight against Lucifer.  Once this happens, Christians and Jews will be united joining forces with the Messiah.  This would be the ultimate religious war of God's Angels fighting Satin's demonic followers.  At the conclusion of this final war, Christ rules the world for a 1000 years of peace.    

Restoring America
Learn how America has turned to God in the past, and how we now need to return back to God to be Restored.

Godless America
Read the true story how the Communist used the U.S. courts to remove God from our public schools.

  • The study of scriptures has been banned from our public schools, so children no longer are taught right from wrong. 
  • Prayers are no longer allowed in our public schools thus depriving children the blessing from above. 
  • The Ten Commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed on school property and thus children do not learn God's Rules of life. 
  • America no longer honors the Sabbath.  To many Americans, it is just another work day.  The greed of 24-7 is grinding down the poor who are forced to work on the Sabbath. 
  • The courts of America have declared that it is legal to kill the unborn babies of young women.  God detested the baby sacrifices in the Old Testament, and he detests the killing today of helpless babies. 
  • The natural joining of a man and a woman produces a child.  The Bible teachs us that God views homosexual unions as a sin and declares them an abomination, yet our courts have decreed that homosexual marriages are legal. 
  • Lying, cheating, stealing and immorality are becoming an everyday part of public life.  Public leaders are no longer trusted by many Americans and God is very displeased. 
  • As a result of not teaching right and wrong to our children the crime rate in America has soared in recent decades.  Robbers, extortionist, con-men and murders fill our prisons.   

America's Defiance against God's Laws:
In the first month of the Shemitah Year (Oct. 2014) judges in twelve state legalize gay marriages.  For the first time in U.S. history gay maggiage is recognized in a majority of states.

By the end of October 2014, 35 states recognize gay marriages in America.

Shemitah and 4 Blood Moons                       Restoration of America                               Godless America

May 4, 2015